The Lightbringers – Rulers of the Lunar Nodes


Join Mark Jones for a 2-part webinar series exploring how to work with the rulers of the lunar nodes.

The webinar starts by considering the nature of the nodal axis of the Moon: the nature of the Nodes in space. Mark discusses the importance of Dane Rudhyar’s theory, which emphasizes the nodes as symbolic of the entire arc of lunar or planetary motion.

From extensive research with his clients, and following Rudhyar’s principle directives, Mark makes the case that the Lunar Nodes – and the meaning inherent in their configuration – represent the crucial expression of personal evolution.

As we focus on the natures of the Rulers of the Nodes of the Moon, we ask: What do they add to our understanding of the Nodes themselves? The distinction between the South Node Ruler and the North Node Ruler will be explored.

In this first of our two-part series, we focus on the nature of the ruler of the South Node of the Moon and what it can add to our understanding of the dynamics of personal evolution within the natal chart illustrated with multiple examples.

In part two of this two-part series, we consider the nature of the North Node of the Moon. What does the ruler of the North Node of the Moon add to our understanding of the North Node? Mark focuses on the nature and expression of the North Node of the Moon.

You’ll learn about the relationship between the Nodes: their co-existence – they always arise together. This relationship points to the importance of the harmonious evolution of the self through an understanding of both Lunar Nodes.

You’ll discover the importance of the nodal rulers working together in achieving the needed balance within the Nodal Axis for the most dynamic expression of personal growth.

Pre-recorded webinars available for instant viewing.

3 hrs. 49 min. | streaming video plus audio and slides