Counseling Skills
for Astrologers Course

This program explores the required therapeutic insight and counseling skills for an astrologer of any technical persuasion to become more effective in communicating with clients. Includes 12 lessons. Each lesson includes one audio download and one pdf.

Required reading: The Soul Speaks by Mark Jones


The Counseling Skills for Astrologers Course is a profound gift to the astrological community, for students and professionals alike. However, it has much broader implications. These are meditations on Life itself. Jones speaks of 'the radical mystery of the human encounter, the Presence within the present moment, the primacy of Being...of Soul.' Here I find transformative grace for such things as giving a piano lesson, lunch with a friend, speaking or playing before an audience, daily life with my spouse. Oh yes, I must make special mention of the audio segments...spontaneous, unscripted, intimate. No one should miss Jones’ personal story of the little girl on the plane...simply listening to him unfold this amazing story is a transformative experience in itself.


Get the complete Counseling Skills for Astrologers Course of 12 modules for $385.
This online astrology course may be pursued at your own pace.


Explores a client-centered approach to astrology based on how to best serve the needs of the client who has come for a reading.

Seeing through the many myths that can distort an understanding of astrology in order to communicate effectively a clear vision of what astrology can offer.

Analysis of the development of the personality including the problems that can beset the maturational process and cause arrested development.

The series of steps required to create the necessary internal and external space for the reading. Includes a guided visualization: Universal Healing Energy.

The quality of the relationship between astrologer and client is fundamental to the transformational impact of the reading.

A perspective on the challenging aspects of the therapeutic alliance:  including when things do not work, as well as the reparative potential of re-experiencing past conflict in a new way.

The challenge of depth work: identifying and working with primal wounds to the core of the identity.

Introduction to the transpersonal dimension: how awareness of the infinite field of reality provides the ultimate context for the healing relationship.

A study of the clinical perspective on trauma: exploring the impact of trauma on self-development including personality disorders.

The relevance of a vision of meaning to the work: including the parameters of Individuation and the goal of self-actualization.

An exploration of the history of the therapeutic mission leads to the development of an outline of ethical parameters for the counselling astrologer.

The understanding that the work of being a counseling astrologer is an ongoing project leads to practical considerations of how best to support ongoing professional practice.