As an Evolutionary Astrology counselor, Mark provides you with a unique perspective about the meanings of events, people and opportunities in life.

A consult with Mark utilizes your natal astrology chart to underscore certain core potentialities or dynamics within yourself and then to apply them to questions you may have, or as a way of understanding opportunities you may be experiencing for growth. In this way the symbolism of the natal chart can be allied to your current needs or experience in a way that can be, at its best, profoundly illuminating.

These consultations are a shared process – your life experiences, questions and perspectives are combined with Mark’s understanding of some of the deeper dynamics of life that come from years of experience as an Evolutionary Astrologer and Psychosynthesis Therapist.

* Mark is available via phone and Skype for consults and one-on-one tutoring.
* Mark currently has a wait list for consultations. Please note that the current wait time is 8-10 weeks.
* Please also be aware that it can take 2-4 weeks to schedule a time for your session due to heavy demand.

Of the many things I appreciate about you, the thing that I appreciate the most is that you keep astrology RELEVANT for the individual. You keep it relevant to me and my clients on a personal level. You are just plain brilliant at bringing lofty ideas down to a heartfelt, soulful, USEFUL place.

Evolutionary Astrology Reading

Initial astrology readings with Mark are 75 minutes and can be done in person or by Skype or phone.
Reading fee is $325.00 (USD). *This is the fee for astrology readings whether it is the first reading or a follow up reading. Payment required before reading.

Ongoing Counseling


For clients who have already had one Evolutionary Astrology Consultation with Mark. Ongoing counseling is not another astrology reading. It is counseling at regular intervals according to your needs. Most clients will benefit from a commitment to a minimum of 4 sessions.

Ongoing counseling with Mark is possible within 3 months of a reading. Otherwise another reading would be required as the foundation for ongoing work.

Each 55 minute session is $225.00 (USD).

Please note – with the ongoing counseling work a minimum of 24 hours notice is required for changing an appointment. If this is not possible a session fee will be charged.

Mark will contact you to schedule once your payment is received although please be aware of Mark’s current waiting time listed above and that it can take several weeks to schedule a time due to heavy demand. 

Custom Payment Amount

Use this to pay Mark a specific amount if you’ve been requested to do so.

I just wanted to send along a note thanking you for the very helpful and insightful reading that we did this past Tuesday. You really helped me to put things in perspective and to create a plan to move forward with transforming my practice (and my life) into something I know will be far more fulfilling and rewarding. I’ve also started to delve into the work of Roberto Assagioli and find his work to be utterly fascinating and so pertinent to the direction I’m intending to move toward.