Reading List

Evolutionary Astrology Texts

The starting point for any student of Jeffrey Green’s Evolutionary Astrology this is a book that lays out the understanding of the natal Pluto position as the starting point of depth analysis in a powerful, and to this astrologer, convincing fashion. This book has an unusual philosophical writing style coming through the visionary creation process of the author who wrote in a state of inspiration over only 2 months. This can make it difficult for some to read or understand. It is worth repeat reading.

The relationship teaching here is a yet to be discovered astrological revolution in the opinion of this author who has both lectured and given workshops on the Composite Pluto Teachings. This books real value lies in the latter sections where relationship dynamics are explored in depth. The section on Venus and Mars is alone worth having the book for.

Now out of print this can be sometimes found secondhand and there is a pdf version available. This text of an early Jeff workshop creates the origins of the Trauma and Healing teachings that I have brought to the center of my work as an astrologer and as a therapist. His work on the relationship between Saturn and Uranus and their long term transit cycle is truly something.

This is one of the few astrological books basing its teaching on the depth perspective of Jeffrey Green in the Pluto books. Whilst I do not personally use the ruler-ships proposed in this text, or indeed place Chiron as the central figure that it necessarily is here, the whole perspective on astrology found in this book, and her earlier work ‘Liquid Light of Sex’ is in tune with mine as is her perspective on the energetic or multidimensional aspects of Healing.

Jeffrey Green’s daughter continues the good work with a text that offers the student in many ways the easiest access into the nature of the work, for example the evolutionary states and Pluto and the Nodes of the Moon. Yours truly writes the introduction.

This work by the Guru of Paramahansa Yogananda represents the philosophical and spiritual heritage from which Jeffrey Green’s Evolutionary Astrology has grown. Yukteswar is undoubtedly a teacher of genuine merit.

Interlocking series of seminars from two great teachers in good spirits. A lot of really useful material for students. Now out of print, copies can be found online.

Having taught with Patricia I can first hand attest to her dynamism and considerable experience as a facilitator. This book presents critical evidence from hundreds of regressions that support the core insights of Evolutionary Astrology as to the nature of karmic dynamics.

Includes essays by the authors already on this list and other writers in the field such as Maurice Fernandez and Kim Marie. Includes an introduction to the Lunar and Planetary Nodes by this author which he highly recommends!

Other Astrology Books

This necessarily brief list in no particular order just gives some idea of some quality literature from the broad territory of other forms of evolutionary and psychological astrology that the author has found valuable.

A refined and elegant writer at her best here, Liz Greene takes on the subtle philosophical implications of astrology and fate with considerable verve.

Howard was a Psychosynthesis Therapist like myself, Greene a Jungian. This is a useful introduction to the seminal ideas of sub-personalities (Assagioli) and complexes and archetypes (Jung) in Astrology.

I must confess to not remembering the specifics of this book very well. I do however remember strongly the very inspirational impression it made on me as a student.

One of the very few astrology books studied by this author in recent years. This is a monumental and seminal work detailing historical trends through the lens of critical astrological transits. The man is an intellectual giant and a really sweet person.

One of the very best introductions to Astrology from a gifted speaker and writer and consistently popular teacher.

An astrologer who blends technical gifts (his really useful Solar arc work for example) with his psychological needs theory.

The suppression of the feminine, and therefore the issue of its emergence is a central issue in our culture.

The great Theosophical thinker and friend of Roberto Assagioli (founder of Psychosynthesis) as they studied with Alcie Bailey together. This work forms the basis for the phases teaching in Evolutionary Astrology. His little known pamphlet on the Nodes and his work on transformational Astrology are all important influences on this author.

An excellent book on transits and the movement picture within the chart. His theosophical emphasis links him to Rudhyar, the overall insights of the book are completely in keeping with the perspectives of Evolutionary Astrology.

A useful synthesis of forms of thought as diverse as genetic codes and historical epochs.

This Kabbalistic teacher (Zev ben Shimon Halevi) was my first introduction to formal astrology studies. I used my knowledge of the Tree of Life as my first system for organizing astrological data and Kenton’s ‘Cosmic Clock’ diagram as my first basis for visual meditation on the archetypes. It still hangs in my therapy room.

Counseling and Psychotherapy for Family

An excellent overview of the nature of families with particular attention to the nature of dysfunctional family dynamics.

Excellent analysis of how the creativity of the child adapts to the inconsistencies of dysfunctional parenting.

The systemic understanding of how the stream of love within a family gets blocked and hidden and its impact then on the family as a whole.

Includes analysis of all that we repress from a young age that is not permissible to our parents, society or our conscious minds. Includes the wonderful image of a young couple approaching the altar to be married with all their unconscious baggage dragging intertwined behind them.

Counseling and Psychotherapy for Relationships

Simple and clear writing on relationship needs that includes understanding of how childhood dynamics play out in adult relationships.

A book that focuses in on the different way that people communicate their love, so for example one person may show their love through presents or material support when the other person needs attention in a different way. Simple and practical.

A simple overview on this most prevalent of problems.

One part poetic, next part clear discussion of how the projection of the ideal on to the partner is problematic and actually that mature love begins as a choice after the initial romance has waned.

An excellent book on male psychology. Simple and accessible to almost any reader with clear analysis of the male conditioning dilemma of how men are not supposed to be emotional or relate openly to others. (Based somewhat on the more poetic and complex text, Iron John, by Robert Bly)

Psychiatry and Medication

A guide for therapists (and astrologers or other healing professionals) as to the nature of the medication their clients might be on. Somewhat technical but a very useful reference work.

A clinical psychologist gives a clear view of the problems within psychiatric analysis.

A supportive and clinical look at the issues of dependency on anti-depressant medication.

A comprehensive and objective analysis of the lack of clear evidence for how anti-depressants work or if they offer even more than a placebo effect most of the time.

Existential and Spiritual Approaches to Healing

Written in the months following his release from a concentration camp Frankl gives the first hand observations of how people identify their meaning through what is most important to them, and when that is lost how quickly they pass away. Reveals the central importance of a sense of meaning to one’s well-being.

Jewish theologian offers a poetic and profound argument for the sacred nature of relating and the danger of reducing others or the world to an ‘it’ which we can then take for granted or abuse. Instead in a holy ‘thou’ the true nature of another is seen.

An analysis of core life transitions and issue such as aging, death, crisis, depression and sickness from a spiritual perspective. A remarkable source of understanding that happiness cannot be found in a lasting fashion outside of one’s Self.

A spiritual understanding that on some deep level there may be nothing to forgive at all.

Clear analysis of the negative states of mind that we must surrender if we are to attain a lasting peace in life.

Short and beautiful statement of human value.

Authenticity as the key to meaning and well-being.

Personal moving account of awakening to one’s true potential.

Therapeutic Awareness and Counseling Skills

Clear, accessible and creative look at therapy.

Each chapter a different story of work with a client. Honest and revealing look at the process. (The Gift of Therapy his book of reflections also useful).

The central importance of the Will in recovery.

As with all the books in this section a clear, non technical introduction to the field.

Clear introduction to complex issue of transference and counter-transference.

Key book in exposing hidden shadows inside those who seek to help others.

Spiritual Teachings

The ultimate text on non-duality from a Hindu Tantric Nath Sage of undeniable clarity and brilliance. Hard to read more than a few pages at once because it actually changes your identity as you read.

The gentle equivalent of Nisagardatta Ramana Maharshi used to joke that students who did not respond well to his gentle approach he would send to the Maharaj! Still totally clarity in non-duality.

Non-duality taken into the western mind and concept of God. A spiritual classic.

A series of snippets of the impact of true spiritual dedication on our seemingly final journey.

A profound argument that forgiveness leads us to a world where there is nothing truly to forgive.

Classic statement of the importance of present awareness, free of holding on to the past, or anticipating the future.

Jesuit Priest and Psychotherapist exposes with incredible clarity how we do not really want to be enlightened, even though we think we do. This analysis itself is really enlightening.