Transformational Astrology
Foundation Course

In this course you will learn Mark Jones’ approach to astrology. Mark is a gifted teacher and his experience as a psychosynthesis therapist combined with his astrological expertise provides the perfect vehicle for immersing yourself in the study of this exciting and transformative work.

You’ll learn a powerful method of astrology as a way of facilitating transformation, healing and growth. In Mark’s first book, Healing the Soul, he provides the overarching framework behind his method. In this course, you’ll learn to apply his techniques so that you can read charts with the intention of helping others.

The course consists of 12 audio modules and 4 videos which will teach you how to give an Transformational Astrology reading. Classes include written and audio material, as well as self-tests and recommendations for additional study. At the end of the course, students are eligible to take a certification exam in Transformational Astrology with Mark Jones.

Classes are presented in sequential format, and you have the freedom to study at your own pace in this distance learning astrology program by utilizing the downloads and optional private tutorial sessions if needed.

Required reading: Healing the Soul by Mark Jones

I have worked with Mark for over a year now, as both a teacher, through the Pluto School tuition program (a foundational program like no other), and as a counselling astrologer who continues to assist me on my own journey towards healing and individuation. I encountered Mark at a time in my life where I had already done a lot of self-work, therapy, and astrological study, but still found that something was missing. Mark has helped me take my own healing, and astrological practice, to the next level. I could not have done that without his wisdom, guidance, and truly transformational approach to astrology – which is grounded in intelligence, research, ethics, compassion, and his own willingness to be human. The world needs more Mark Jones!


Get the complete Transformation Astrology Foundation Course of 12 modules for $385.
This online astrology course may be pursued at your own pace.


Lesson 1: The Nature of Pluto (Pluto Complex) Pluto in the archetypes Aries to Virgo.

Lesson 2: Pluto in the archetypes Libra to Pisces. The nature of combining archetypes.

Lesson 3: The Nodal Axis of the Moon 1, Core Principles.

Lesson 4: The Nodal Axis of the Moon 2, Rulers of the Nodes.

Lesson 5: Pluto in Aspect to the Nodes.

Lesson 6: ‘Skipped Steps’ – Squares to the Nodal Axis.

Lesson 7: Putting Everything Together: Pluto and the Nodes as a Method.

Lesson 8: The Method in Action. A Case Study. Audio only (no Study Guide for this module).

Lesson 9: The Nature of Uranus part 1. With Saturn and Mercury. The nature of Trauma.

Lesson 10: The Nature of Uranus part 2. Trauma signatures. Uranus Through the Archetypes.

Lesson 11: How Trauma Signatures can Transform the Understanding of the Natal Chart. Case Studies.

Lesson 12: An Astrology of Liberation: Understanding Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes as representing the karmic potential of the individual and collective life.

Get certified

astrology course examThe Pluto School offers a Certification Exam upon completion of the foundational course. You may display this credential on your website or in other advertising. The exam includes a chart review, exam lesson, and a final Skype consultation with Mark Jones. You will receive complete instructions following registration.


I just finished reviewing / studying the first Pluto School lesson and WOW, what an excellent depiction of Pluto and the complexes for each of the houses. I totally understand this now. I have studied EA over the years, read your book and Jeff Green's book but have never really grasped the concept until now. Not sure if it was because I was not ready to understand it or if it was the way it was presented by the other teachers or both. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the lessons. Thank you for putting this into a language I understand.