Aspects: The Power of the Circle


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In this talk by Mark Jones, the power of the archetypal zodiac, the circle of the twelve archetypes from Aries on the Ascendant to Pisces on the twelfth house cusp is be revealed as the blueprint for understanding all of the aspects that Planets make to each other within the horoscope. So at 120 degrees from the Ascendant/Aries the 5th house/Leo represents the energy of the trine. In this way a very simple principle gives access to a depth of understanding to every aspect in the chart.

A further level of subtlety is introduced through understanding that there are, for example, two types of conjunction, the Aries type in new phase and the Pisces type culminating. This talk will explain these differences and give a simple method for accessing deep insights about the nature of aspects within the chart.

75 min. | audio only