The Power of the Composite Chart Workshop


In this workshop Mark explores the astrology of relationships by applying evolutionary astrology concepts to the composite chart. The workshop begins with a focus on the position of Pluto in the composite chart in order to gain a core understanding for the evolutionary intentions behind the relationship.

Next we undertake a detailed analysis of the nodal axis in the composite chart which reveals the intended resolution or integration of issues that arise within the relationship. Squares to the nodal axis of the composite chart and stressful aspects to Pluto or the nodal axis reveal the core challenges that any two people face in being together.

This method will illuminate the context and evolutionary intentions behind any kind of relationship, not just couples who are intimate, including family members and friends.

We will examine several case studies, reading the charts together in order to illustrate how the method works within the lives of actual people who were close, as intimates or as family members or close friends.

Transform your understanding of the composite chart and its significance. When grasped in the evolutionary context, the composite will offer you a radical new understanding of the power of astrology to gain insight about core relationship challenges which can then be used to facilitate transformation in one’s own life and the life of one’s clients and community.

10 hrs. 23 min. | mp3 audio format

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