Hall of Mirrors – The Nature of the Opposition


In this webinar Mark continues his exploration of astrological aspects through the lens of our developmental processes as reflected through the nature of the opposition.

Mark will show how the opposition can be likened to the Libra archetype and the way that Libra and the 7th house reveal how we realize ourselves through the eyes of others.

The natural mirror that occurs in the opposition holds the tension of self and other, the Aries-Libra archetypal dynamic, in a way that allows us to potentially grow beyond our early-life expression into our adult relationships – and through the mirror society affords us. This approach will be powerfully illustrated through the natal chart symbolism in real-life example charts and powerful turning points illustrated through timing (opposition transits and progressions).
The webinar will end with the dramatic historical example of Russian novelist and political prisoner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, in which the profound challenges he faced from others and the totalitarian regime he faced off with shaped him to become an instrument of the downfall of that regime.
Pre-recorded for instant access.
1 hr. 41 min. | includes video, audio and slides
Level: intermediate / advanced