Towards an Astrology of Liberation


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In this conference keynote address, Mark Jones explores the idea of astrology as a multifaceted tool that may have a defensive application, just as it may be used to facilitate human freedom and growth. He examines how certain developments within depth psychology may help us as astrologers to understand the potential for real human encounter and discovery within our consultations, even as they also reveal certain pitfalls.

Mark offers thoughts on transference dynamics, personality disorders and so called clinical or psychotherapeutic issues, as well as the nature of the “false” or adaptive self, showing how awareness of these has relevance for astrologers. He also questions the fundamental assumptions we may have of ourselves as astrologers, healers or teachers, focusing on how we might ultimately get out of our own way to allow the potential for liberation to come through into our work and our lives.

50 min. | audio only | 2010

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