How to Change Someone’s Life with Astrology


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In an Astrology Reading we only have a brief amount of time to deeply connect with our clients. In this workshop Mark Jones will explore the key components of a skillful reading that may change someone’s life. Learn how to validate someone’s past choices and concerns, illuminate the stage of evolution of the person, identify the present karmic potential and opportunity of the individual having the reading and to clarifying a person’s life purpose.

Through his private practice as both a psychosynthesis therapist and hypnotherapist, Mark has discovered that individuals often leave a reading with only a few critical points, unable to retain the details, or at worst, overwhelmed. Mark will teach you how to identify the most critical themes in the birth chart so that you can be of the most benefit to your clients in your short time together.

Audio recording of full weekend workshop.

Includes descriptions of Pluto through each placement from an evolutionary perspective.

10 hours 40 min. | audio only

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