Transformational Astrology Foundation Course


Astrology has been popularized as a descriptive form. But astrology is perhaps best used to transform lives.

Insights gained from reading the symbols in the birth chart can provide profound tools for healing and growth. Why limit yourself to descriptive, deterministic astrology, when you can do so much more?

Mark Jones has been working with clients to transform lives for years. In this course he opens the doors to the methods that have helped hundreds of clients.

While this technique can be described as “evolutionary astrology,” it is more accurately described as “transformational astrology”.

You will learn Mark’s method for helping clients gain profound insights and accomplish positive changes, bring healing to old wounds, and inspiration for new direction.

This training includes 12 modules featuring audio lessons and pdf study guides.

Level: This course is perfect for students who already have a grasp of the basic astrological concepts of planets, signs and houses.

12 lessons | audio, video and pdf files for streaming or download