Astrological Keys to Healthy Relationships


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Understanding Love: The Psychological and Astrological Keys to Healthy Relationships

In this online workshop renowned astrologer and psychotherapist Mark Jones combines the best of psychology and astrology to offer a transformative vision of how we can understand ourselves and our most important relationships. Experience this genuinely new synthesis of Mark’s twenty years of working with individuals and couples to articulate the core principles of establishing happy, healthy and enduring relationships.

Day 1:  The foundational importance of our early life environment

On day one Mark will present a clear vision of developmental psychology and its impact on the foundation of our identity and therefore our conduct in relationships.  Mark will link this understanding to the astrological chart as a developmental model – Aries, birth and instinctual reality; Taurus, our internal needs and self-constancy; Gemini, our communication and Cancer, the formulation of a stable personal self.

Day 2:  The dual function/rulership of Venus

In day 2 Mark will expand upon a core principle of day 1 to explain how self-value is at the core of healthy relationships.  Venus rules both Taurus and Libra.  Mark will relate the Taurus archetype to the importance of self-constancy (self-value) and the Libra archetype to the nature of object constancy (trust of others). Mark will show how our deepest feelings for others bring up our earliest childhood memories and that understanding these memories is the key to being present in our most significant relationships.

Mark will provide a detailed exploration of the meaning of Venus in each sign and house.  The dual function of Venus is the key to understanding the way we project our unresolved material onto others.  Dissolving the basis of these projections is a crucial factor in the creation of a healthy relationship.

Day 3:  Practical application of the teachings

On day 3 we will look at a series of example charts, drawn from history and Mark’s extensive international client base, that will illustrate how our understanding of psychology and astrology together can prove so powerful in helping people transform their relationships.

Mark will present a new understanding of Neptune as the higher octave of Venus and its role both collectively and individually in relationships.  In a culture that has lost its sense of the sacred, romantic relationships often take on an unconscious pressure that reflects this loss of a higher ideal on a collective level.  Mark will show Neptune’s relationship to a healthy personality ideal that, if healthy engaged with, helps to moderate the potentially unhealthy idealization or focus on another.  Here we will also introduce a transformative perspective on Uranus as a signature of deep memory, and traumatic memories, the resolution of which become crucial in the formation of healthy relationships.

Day 4:  Bring it all together

The final day includes answers to questions in addition to a series of perspectives from art, psychology and the great spiritual traditions as to the meaning and purpose of our most significant relationships.  Mark will relate these to the symbols of astrology and present a summary of everything that we have learned together.

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13 hrs. 47 min. | includes streaming access, audio, video and slides