Turning Points – How to Identify Moments of Profound Transformation


Turning Points – An Astrological and Psychological Study of Transformation

Explore moments of profound transformation in people’s lives through the lens of astrology. In the edited recording from one of Mark’s masterclass retreats in Wales, you’llĀ  explore the astrology and psychology of significant moments in the lives of others to help enrich your astrological analysis. This material has the potential to create a turning point in your own understanding from which your astrology will reach a whole new level.

Session 1: The Foundation
We start with establishing a strong foundation for our studies of the natal chart from which we can launch safely into a comprehensive understanding of potentially complex movement pictures. The natal chart as an orientation to life can be likened to a vehicle or ship – one that meets the waves of life; transits or events. The natal chart describes the type of journey the ship you sail is on, and through technically simple but psychologically deep techniques we will explore a shorthand method for getting to the heart of the natal chart in order to understand the eventual power of transits, solar arc directions, and progressions.

Session 2: Meeting the Waves of Life
The nature of the external and internal clocks: an exploration of the nature and meaning of transits and progressions. A detailed technical summary of the nature of transits and progressions with particular emphasis on outer planet transits, the transiting nodes, early developmental transits, and solar arc directions as well as periods of transformation when transit activity and progressions come together to describe a potential turning point.

Session 3: Turning Points in Context
To place our discoveries in context we will undertake a detailed astrological exploration of the turning points of various key figures in history. We will explore the
lives of artists, scientists, spiritual teachers and creative visionaries to see what inspired them at their moments of breakthrough, enriching both our astrological understanding and our appreciation of the nature of transformation itself.

Session 4: The Nature of Transformation
In seeking to understand the nature of transformation Mark will embody a fluid combination of depth psychology and a democratic spiritual philosophy, alongside twenty years of astrological mentoring experience that combines to produce a vision of human potential that can be explored both astrologically and psychologically. Our findings are illustrated with real-life examples of important turning points in the lives of real people. As a fitting end to the Master Class, this helps re- ground our new found conceptual understanding in the real-world context of your astrological practice, dedicated to the service of the transformation of others.

Includes: 17+ hours of recorded material in video and audio format plus all slides. Streaming access plus download files.

BONUSES: Your registration includes free access to the webinar series The Lightbringers: Rulers of the Lunar Nodes and Turning Points. For best results, view these webinars and readĀ Healing the Soul to accompany this course.