The Power of the Transiting Nodes


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Most astrologers recognize that the lunar nodes are significant. But how many realize the transiting nodes illuminate the meaning of a chart just as much as the natal nodes?

In this webinar, Mark will describe the nature of the Moon, the nature of the lunar nodes and the way that the movement of the lunar nodes through time can indicate powerful windows of opportunity for an individual.

This webinar will map the lunar node cycle against the Saturn cycle to clearly demarcate ages of crucial developmental importance as well as adding an extra dimension to fundamental astrological phenomena such as the Saturn return.

Mark will explore the dynamics of special lunar node alignments that effectively ‘double up’ in an event chart and illustrate this effect with examples.

We will look at Tchaikovsky’s transit of Neptune to natal NN at the same time as transiting SN conjunct his natal Neptune when he decides that he wants to pursue music as a career.

The harmonic resonance of the transiting nodes can also be witnessed in the chart of Alan Turing when he joins the Bletchley Park code breakers.

Join us to learn how to gain insight from this dynamic timing technique.

Pre-recorded for instant access. 

1 hr. 45 min. | includes streaming access and slides

Intermediate (you should have a basic understanding of transits and the lunar nodes)