The Finger of God? The Nature of the Astrological Yod


In this webinar Mark explores the nature of two inconjuncts focused on the same apex planet which thus forms the aspect pattern called the astrological Yod. Establishing the fundamental nature of aspects through the natural zodiac we can see the inconjunct (quincunx) as being of a combined Aries – Virgo nature and the Yod as representing the inclusion of an Aries – Scorpio intensity to an aspect already in crisis.

Mark focuses on one of the key dynamics of Yod aspects as symbolic of a process of reformation. We will see the Yod in action through a balanced mix of famous case histories along with one real-world client example to gain a realistic idea of how this most stressful of aspects manifests in our lives.

Pre-recorded for instant access.
1 hr. 30 min. Includes video, audio, and slides
Level: Intermediate

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