Solar Power – The Nature of the Sun in Astrology


In this webinar, Mark will explore the central animating principle of our solar system, the Sun. In exploring the symbol of the Sun we discover deeper truths arising from the path of the Earth around the Sun, which creates the circle of the zodiac itself. Mark expands on Dane Rudhyar’s interpretation of the zodiac as symbolic of humankind’s personal evolution towards the ever-greater light of the spiritual Sun.

We will explore the Sun as the essential quality of our identity: as the core nature of the fuel we have available to us throughout life and spiritually, as the personal essence of our identity. An animation of the Earth around the Sun will help us see how each Sun sign is formed at the point opposite to the position of the earth in its orbit.

We’ll reflect on how the nature of that core energy, the Sun, is illuminated through the natural harmonic relationships formed by each sign to all the other signs through the astrological crosses, triads and other harmonics.

These principles will then be illustrated by two example charts per Sun sign. This talk is suitable for all levels of astrological understanding. Join us and find out what turns on your solar power.

Pre-recorded for instant access.

1 hr. 54 min. | includes video, audio and slides

All Levels