Astrology and Soul Psychology


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Astrology and Soul Psychology: How the insights of Transpersonal Psychotherapy can help us access the full potential of Astrology in our time.

After a decade of experience as a practicing Psychotherapist and Astrologer, the most common theme I’ve experienced among my clients has to do with the fact that people need to have a sense of their personal significance affirmed. They need to feel as if their thoughts and feelings, and the very nature of their being actually matter. In a world where science has been viewed as demystifying the cosmos, and through the backlash of an overly materialistic psychiatric profession, many people feel that drugs are the only way to cope with their feelings. People worry that they have some fundamental flaw, some genetic or psychiatric maladjustment that sets them up for a lifetime’s tendency towards depression, or suffering.

With discernment we can see through this materialistic bias and cut through to the heart of the problem: That most people’s suffering stems from lack of love or self-acceptance in their personal history (usually with roots in childhood and often expressed through relationship problems) and/or from lack of meaning or purpose in their lives. The potential of a Soul Psychology or Therapeutic Astrology is to address the nature of these two problems, through holding the negative thoughts/emotional memories of the individual within a loving and safe space and through exploration of the meaning of the individual life. In this workshop we will explore this process through an Astrological perspective that can orientate quickly to the core themes of the natal chart in order to provide a context of meaning for the individual and through in-depth client examples with their charts and through a snapshot of the therapeutic process, to show the transformation that people can undergo.

Instead of seeing people as broken, or as fundamentally flawed and needing to long-term medicate, this approach sees the individual as a creative being, full of Soul. We acknowledge that there is suffering in life, but see much of the pain of modern life coming from the struggle to liberate the true potential of the individual. Many people feel so lost that they need the support of a Therapist or an Astrologer to be re-introduced to the idea of having a true potential that they might fulfill. In this workshop we will look at techniques in order to achieve this and to be able to offer this wonderful opportunity to the people we live and work with.

This workshop offers clear astrological methods and insights in order to help ourselves and others find their true potential within the natal chart, alongside a practical understanding of multiple therapeutic approaches and how they may be used to assist the process of achieving that true potential.

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10 hours. | audio only