Light of My Life – An Introduction to Solar Arc Directions


In this webinar Mark explores the power of the Sun in astrology: the way it shapes the circle of the birth chart itself as well as being the central luminary and how it unfolds over time.

Cosmologically, the Sun is the engine of all life in the solar system, and its astrological significance is guaranteed on that basis. This talk will briefly explain the difference between transits and progressions and then show how solar arc directions arise as a symbolic expression of the Sun’s significance by using the movement of the secondary progressed Sun as a base line of meaning for all the planets.

In utilising the momentum of the secondary progressed sun as a base line for all planetary progressions the Solar Arc directions animate the power of the Sun’s meaning through time, creating a sense of the animating power of the Sun’s light over the course of your life.

We will look at some historical examples including Martin Luther King, Gwen Verdon, Charles Dickens and Malala Yousafzai as well as exploring key meetings in people’s lives such as Lennon meeting McCartney and Jung meeting Freud.

Pre-recorded for instant access.

1 hr. 47 min. | includes video, audio, slides and transcript
Level: intermediate (you should be familiar with applying timing techniques, like transits)