The Shape of Things – Hemisphere Emphasis in the Natal Chart


In this webinar Mark will expand on the work of Marc Edmund Jones, to look at clear visual patterns found within the natal chart. For the subject of this talk, Mark has singled out the phenomena of hemisphere emphasis – when the planets in the natal chart tend to cluster in one hemisphere or even in a single quadrant. These extreme visual patterns seem to speak of some clear meaning that Mark will explore with the help of his developmental model of the Zodiac.

Using the Cardinal cross and the story of the 12 signs to help us orientate what these different segments could mean, we will explore multiple example charts as diverse as Bob Dylan and Helen Keller (both with clusters around the descendant) and Wyomia Tyus and Harrison Ford (both with clusters around the midheaven).

Pre-recorded for instant access.

1 hr. 34 min. | includes video, audio, slides, and transcript

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