A Higher Love: Neptune as the Higher Octave of Venus


The Outer planets have been seen, by the likes of Dane Rudhyar among others, as the higher octave of the Inner planets; Pluto and Mars, Uranus and Mercury, Neptune and Venus. Love often seems to lead us into our relationships – does it always sustain them over time?

In this presentation Mark will investigate the astrological symbolism of love and its therapeutic impact in our ongoing relationships with significant others. The talk will focus on the dual rulership of Venus (Taurus/Libra), the water signs and the nature of Neptune pointing towards the transformative power of love as the great healing potential of our human lives.

The elevation of personal love through the nature of sacrifice toward a greater meaning is seen as the single most redemptive principle in the human experience. The talk will be illustrated with historical examples, such as the higher love of Martin Luther King as well as client examples from Mark’s extensive client practice.

60 minutes. Includes video, audio, and slides
Available for instant viewing.

Originally presented in Astrology University’s Astrology + Relationships – Exploring Our Connections Summit.