How to view a Planetary Node Report in Solar Fire

by Patrick Graham

In addition to viewing Planetary Nodes around a chart in the Chart View window, you can also access a list of Planetary Nodes and their aspects to planets. This can be useful for viewing a more detailed list of Applying and Separating aspects.

There are 3 methods for accessing the Chart Reports screen.

1. From the main Solar Fire screen simply click Reports on the top menu bar and then Current Chart.

Solar Fire Planetary Nodes reports

2. Or… the Reports Icon on the graphic menu below the top menu bar (highlighted here with a red circle)

Solar Fire Planetary Nodes

3. Or……from the Chart View page as highlighted below:

Solar Fire Planetary Nodes Albert Einstein

Whichever method you choose will result in the same window popping up. Here I have opened it from the Chart View screen:

Solar Fire Planetary Nodes Albert Einstein

4. With the Reports tab selected (not Tabulations) simply scroll down until you see Planetary Nodes. The orbs given will depend upon the Aspect Set you have chosen to apply from the Main Screen. Here I am using a set specific to the larger orbs that Mark like’s to use, hence a larger number of planetary aspects. Enjoy!


Solar Fire Planetary Nodes Albert Einstein