The Tipping Point – The Dynamism of the T-square


In the next webinar in his extremely popular series on the nature of astrological aspects, Mark shares his unique insight into the nature of the t-square. Combining the particular characteristics of the opposition (the Aries-Libra tension between self-verses-other) and the square (the cardinal cross call to action) Mark explores the t-square as a critical fulcrum of development presented to us as necessary challenges in our early environment and shows how that might impact our sense of self and ultimately colour our relationship with the world around us.

Looking at various historical figures, such as Florence Nightingale, Viktor Frankl, Queen Elizabeth II, General George W. Patton and Tina Turner, Mark shows that the challenges presented through the t-square offer an opportunity for growth.

Just as the proverbial oyster and grain sand produce an object of great beauty, over time our convictions in overcoming obstacles shape our relationships and our life path.

Pre-recorded for instant access.
1 hr. 40 min. | includes video, audio and slides
Level: Intermediate/advanced