Reality – The Ultimate Innovation of the Jupiter-Uranus Conjunction


This talk will explore the implications of the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus in Spring of 2024. Mark will show how the detached insight and x-ray vision of Uranus will expose the nature of our beliefs and prevailing world view as symbolised by Jupiter. The talk will go on to show how our world views, Jupiter, go on to shape our values (Taurus). We then explore this in reverse – how our values, Taurus, need to shape our worldview, Jupiter, to express our greatest wisdom, Uranus.

Although this conjunction occurs every 14 years, the significance of this current conjunction is heightened with the transition of Pluto into Aquarius – the sign ruled by Uranus in modern astrology. It’s almost as if this Jupiter Uranus conjunction of Spring 2024 heralds the arrival of Pluto in Aquarius and, as such, symbolises so much about our hopes and fears during this crucial Pluto transition.

In exploring the complex relationship between technology, the nature of our beliefs and the relationship of these to our values, Mark will raise the interesting question: is reality itself the innovation and in our battle to achieve technological and other forms of supremacy are we not in fact battling ourselves. It is within this battle with ourselves that the true key to innovation might be found – the transformation of our humanity.

We will look at historical trends with past Jupiter Uranus conjunctions as well as intimations of the future through collective and individual chart analysis to see how this conjunction might shape our lives. Join us for this innovative astrological meeting where together we can celebrate the conjunction and the potential it represents for the transformation of human consciousness.

1 hr. 52 mins.

$30 | includes streaming access and slides

Pre-recorded for instant access as part of the Astrology University Jupiter Uranus Conjunction Summit in 2024.