Truth vs Falsehood – Mercury and Jupiter Square the Nodes


Continuing his powerful series of webinars on the nodal axis of the moon, Mark expands his work on planets squaring the nodes to include a more detailed exploration of Mercury and Jupiter.

The nodes of the moon are the direct path to understanding personal evolution. Mercury and Jupiter correspond to the nature of our thinking, our communication, our vision, faith and sense of meaning. When either or both of these planets square the nodes of the moon, a series of potential challenges involving our communication or vision of meaning can emerge as greatly important in shaping the individual life.

This webinar will draw upon multiple historical examples including a wide range of figures from Charles Manson to Charles II, Gandhi to Emmeline Pankhurst as well as individual examples from Mark’s extensive client base. Includes chart examples of Mercury and Jupiter square the nodes.

Pre-recorded and available for instant download.
1 hr. 49 min. | includes video, audio and slides
Level: Intermediate to Advanced (familiarity with the evolutionary approach to working with the nodes encouraged)

Prerequisites (watch these beforehand to get the best experience):