Jupiter – Visions of Meaning and Intention


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Astrology is often seen by the mainstream as a joke, at best an entertaining diversion, at worst a complete waste of time. The irony, in a culture that increasingly rejects the idea of higher meaning, is that astrology offers more profound possibilities for meaning than almost any other form. Modern people are aware, on some level, of how a loss of meaning brings forth a corresponding loss of self. They turn to Astrology for what it has to offer; visions of the stars. Are we prepared for this?

Part 1 of this series explores the larger context of meaning within the field and how an astrology embracing this sense of deeper purpose can serve people’s healing and transformation. The role of Jupiter is explored as the engine of vision that inspires our understanding of astrology to new depths.

Part 2 focuses on the importance of the Jupiter placement in the natal chart as symbolic of an individual’s sense of meaning. Discover how fundamental this meaning-making placement is to individual healing and transformation.

We will consider how stressful Jupiter aspects can refer to a loss of vision or meaning, and how certain aspects reveal the way personal meaning can get distorted by others (i.e. Jupiter with Moon; or loaded 4th house can reveal the family influence on beliefs). Identifying the ways a person’s Vision/Jupiter is expressed within the natal chart becomes crucial to unlocking individual development.

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3 hrs. 56 min. | includes video, audio and slides