2020 Planetary Nodes of Saturn and Pluto


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The Collective Significance of the South Nodes of Pluto and Saturn in 2020.

This talk will introduce the nature of the planetary nodes at this crucial juncture in Earth’s history. We will discuss how all planets have nodes, not just the Moon, and how the 2020 alignment of transiting Saturn and Pluto have an added level of complexity due to their conjunction to their descending (south) nodes: something that hasn’t happened for 500 years.

Through examining historical and individual charts we will reveal an extra dimension of collective significance and then explore their involvement as the crucial hidden factor in the Saturn-Pluto (and Jupiter) conjunction of 2020, at the start of a new synodic cycle.

1 hr. 3 min. | includes audio, video and slides
Originally included in the 2020 Epic Cycles Summit package.