The Spiritual Life

spiritual life

The orientation in my work is that of the spiritual life. This is different from other therapeutic models in that it posits the primacy of Soul as the context of the meeting. The reality of the inner core of the human, the real self, essence or soul is acknowledged as primary. This allows me (us) to orientate from the beginning to an inherent meaning within the human condition. As well as offering the transformative vision of how that meaning can come into being in a person’s life through the astrological consultation.

Whereas many therapeutic modalities pay attention to the experience of the astrologer and that of the client, the transpersonal context of The Soul Speaks: the Therapeutic Potential of Astrology is that we pay attention to the nature of the field of reality itself – the Knowing Field which supports and envelops both the astrologer and client. The field itself speaks to us during the work. The field is the embedded life of soul within the world, including the relational world. We listen to the field of reality itself to help guide healing and transformation. The natal chart becomes a symbolic map to the potential nature of that field.

You may not have a greater vision of your work at all. Even so, you will have some vision of life’s meaning even if it is partially unconscious to you. This is what needs to be brought into consciousness in order for a general context of meaning to inform individual consultations or even your own individual understanding of your natal chart. Even the view that life has no meaning is its own vision – though it would beg the question why bother being an astrologer at all? You may have a vision of meaning that is different from the one that is presented here. Or the seed of a vision that is not yet fully formed or realized within you. What is most important is that the astrologer contemplates what vision they have of astrology, of the potential of human life and what the work can bring about. A client is coming to you for guidance, insight and support and it is worth considering what guidance or vision both astrological and personal that you can provide another person.

There are many different reasons why people are drawn to astrology. There is the desire to understand life or the human condition more deeply. The desire to understand why things happen as well as why things happen when they do, which can then evolve into questions as to whether we can predict outcomes or utilize astrology to prepare ourselves for critical life transitions. For me, the ability to discover windows of opportunity for particular aspects of our growth is the key to the power of astrology, rather than trading on the nebulous security of an uncertain future.

What is the desire that led you to astrology? How might contemplation of that help you understand your clients? How do you share your greater vision with the world? What is a step you could take today to share your inspiration?

I am not talking about taking to the streets to share your views but perhaps a steady purpose that you might bring to your astrological studies, practice and indeed to your life. That a spiritual vision of astrology might actually help you live your life with an extra spring in your step! It might seem silly to some, but why not? Why after all, have we studied the ancient symbolism of the heavens if not to feel lifted by its starry majesty?