Review of Healing The Soul

Healing the Soul: Pluto, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes by Mark Jones, Raven Dreams Press
Softcover—268 pp.—$24.95 (ISBN 978- 0-9840474-0-6).
ISBN 978-0-9840474-0-6

Based on the author’s core belief that ‘you cannot begin to heal any problem until you understand its origin,’ this profound book by psychotherapist and evolutionary astrologer Mark Jones takes us right to the Plutonian heart of the soul issues we are here to heal and resolve.

Trained as a Psychosynthesis psychotherapist as well as with Jeffrey Green’s Evolutionary Astrology school, Mark has combined his experience with both approaches and created a step by step astrological methodology to work with soul issues.

Arranged into four main sections, the first part of this excellent book addresses ‘the Pluto Complex’. As expressed by the author ‘through Pluto, we become aware of the central evolutionary concerns stemming from deep within the soul…our deepest unconscious security needs and as a result, those behaviours that we default to under stress’. Hence Mark describes the Pluto complex as revolving ‘around the tension between ego and soul’. He includes a very helpful and depthful cookbook section on Pluto in the Signs and Houses.

The second section of the book describes the importance and nature of the Nodes of the Moon including Planets in aspect to the Nodes and a description of the Nodes by House and Sign.

The third section explores Uranus as ‘both a signature of trauma and of liberation’ as the representative of longer term memory including past life memories. Mark also uses this section to outline how individuals might approach healing through engaging with their own process with the assistance of the tool of evolutionary astrology.
The last section outlines the author’s approach in a very clear and concise step by step manner using a detailed case study.

This beautifully written, deeply insightful book, offers readers an evolutionary approach to astrology which is steeped in compassion and the desire to offer a depthful healing tool. Accessible to both novice and more experienced astrologers, this book is also likely to appeal to non-astrological psychotherapists.

In a world where we are increasingly awakening to the importance of recognising the meaning and importance of ‘soul’ on our journey on this planet, it is always a pleasure to explore the work of soulful astrologers to assist us in our task.

Reviewed by Margaret Gray, Astrologer

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