An Invitation to Start Something Big

Jupiter ingressed into Aries on the 20th December 2022, initiating a new 12-year cycle for Jupiter as it travels through the signs from Aries through Pisces. In a recent presentation I gave for the San Diego NCGR, I suggested that this was the perfect time to initiate a larger process in your life, thinking about that 12-year timeline. This could take the form of a new, larger scale creative project, a new way of being, a new commitment to health and wellbeing, etc. The key component is that, following the symbolism of the Jupiter cycle, this will be something done on a larger scale and with a long-term commitment to growth.

The 12 signs of the Zodiac lend themselves to thinking of this as 12 steps, a different kind of 12-step program, so to speak, that all of us could choose to follow, with the signs guiding the way. The basis for this experience could be something important to you related to how you see yourself and your life that could be held throughout the 12 iterations of Jupiter travelling through the 12 signs.

In the most broad sense, Jupiter’s time in each sign could serve as symbolic guidance:

  • Jupiter in Aries – Initiation of the new vision.
  • Jupiter in Taurus – Establishing the value of that which you initiated.
  • Jupiter in Gemini – Thinking and talking about what you initiated – until that becomes…
  • Jupiter in Cancer – …more of a deeply held and personal reality.
  • Jupiter in Leo – The creative fulcrum of that which you started in Aries.
  • Jupiter in Virgo – The review of that process. What worked? What didn’t work?
  • Jupiter in Libra – After review, you can now meet others with your revised vision.
  • Jupiter in Scorpio – Deep investment and commitment in your vision with others…
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius – …so that a new vision of life is put forward into the world.
  • Jupiter in Capricorn – The potential zenith of the expression of that vision in the world.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius – A detached understanding of the value of what has been expressed.
  • Jupiter in Pisces – Healing and the surrender of that vision so that a new one can be undertaken.

As I write this, Jupiter is still only at 2 degrees Aries. So clearly, for those of you who may be interested in following this plan – beginning a larger scale project that would improve and expand your life to follow in the background over the next 12 years – the symbolism through Aries is clear – the time for identifying and initiating this new project is now!

“Whatever you dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.” These lines are often attributed to the great German playwright and thinker Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. My wife likes this quote so much she has it printed and framed on the wall of our home! Perhaps it will serve as inspiration for you to tap into the Jupiter in Aries energy available to all of us right now.

So this is an invitation to join me on a Jupiter vision quest. As I said to the good people of the San Diego NCGR chapter – maybe we can all meet in 12 years time and see how it went?

Happy New Year!

-Mark Jones