A Depth Exploration of Virgo & Pluto in Virgo

Mark recently joined the Magic of the Spheres Podcast with Sabrina Monarch. In this episode Sabrina and Mark discuss Pluto and Virgo and Pluto in Virgo specifically, but this episode is full of universals, regardless of what we have in Virgo in our charts – we all have the experience of self-analysis, self-criticism, perfectionism, and learning how to relate to our pursuit of self-refinement and the capacity to be introspective and to analyze ourselves without falling into a great abyss of self-doubt in the process. 

The Pluto in Virgo generation were born roughly between 1957 – 1972 (but of course if you don’t know, look up the natal chart on astro.com) they also discuss the concept of trauma-scanning (looking for fault in one’s environment), manifestation, the so-called ‘placebo’ effect and the power of belief, and finding grace and meaning in one’s own intimate corner of the universe… and more!