“I have worked with Mark for over a year now, as both a teacher, through the Pluto School tuition program (a foundational program like no other), and as a counselling astrologer who continues to assist me on my own journey towards healing and individuation. I encountered Mark at a time in my life where I had already done a lot of self-work, therapy, and astrological study, but still found that something was missing. Mark has helped me take my own healing, and astrological practice, to the next level. I could not have done that without his wisdom, guidance, and truly transformational approach to astrology – which is grounded in intelligence, research, ethics, compassion, and his own willingness to be human. The world needs more Mark Jones!” -L. Newell-Barrette

“I just wanted to send along a note thanking you for the very helpful and insightful reading that we did this past Tuesday. You really helped me to put things in perspective and to create a plan to move forward with transforming my practice (and my life) into something I know will be far more fulfilling and rewarding. I’ve also started to delve into the work of Roberto Assagioli and find his work to be utterly fascinating and so pertinent to the direction I’m intending to move toward.” -Diane Riopelle

“I just finished reviewing / studying the first Pluto School lesson and WOW, what an excellent depiction of Pluto and the complexes for each of the houses. I totally understand this now. I have studied EA over the years, read your book and Jeff Green’s book but have never really grasped the concept until now. Not sure if it was because I was not ready to understand it or if it was the way it was presented by the other teachers or both. I am very much looking forward to the rest of the lessons. Thank you for putting this into a language I understand.” -J.S.

“Working with Mark has brought me to a place of understanding the challenges of my past and present in a way that my world now feels full of exciting opportunities that I never thought were possible for me.” -V. M.

“I feel like I just stumbled upon someone who speaks my dialect from my own village and the process of sharing my stories with you is that finally I can feel the process of calling my spirit back from all the weird and wonderful places I have been- thanks for speaking my language- it is a profound joy and relief.” – J. R.

“I just cannot find the words to express my deep admiration towards you. Your work, perception, compassion, intelligence, understanding, deep sensitivity, and contribution to astrology. I feel so optimistic when people like you exist. Thank you. I am currently watching a youtube lecture of yours on Uranus and Trauma. P.s. I am an Aquarius Sun conjunct Uranus in Aquarius in the 11th house, along with Neptune and Mars there. Deep feeling of alienation. Again, thank you, I wish all the best to you and I hope we can meet one day. I have big ambitions for astrology and I hope one day I can join all you wonderful astrologers and above all people and contribute to its progress. With deep appreciation, Sotiris.”

“Of the many things I appreciate about you, the thing that I appreciate the most is that you keep astrology RELEVANT for the individual. You keep it relevant to me and my clients on a personal level. You are just plain brilliant at bringing lofty ideas down to a heartfelt, soulful, USEFUL place.” -Lydia

“I have attended NORWAC since 1984 and have been in classes with many outstanding astrologers and am pleased to say you are one of the bright lights for the future of our astrological profession. My Mom and Uncle were astrologers from the 40s 50s 60 and 70s.They studied under Ivy Jacobson and others in their time and I have benefited greatly since my studies began at the age of 9. Based on my many years of training and education, I think you have made an outstanding contribution to Astrological community. Your book Healing the Soul is one of my all time favorites. Please know your efforts in education have made a great difference in the lives of all of us who are passionate about our craft.” -Edith P.

“I became interested in astrology because I wanted to learn more about myself. There were questions that resurfaced about the meaning and purpose of my life. Like many people, I was looking for answers. I had been studying astrology for a few years and was looking for a deeper and more meaningful application when I found out about Mark’s work. As a consequence, I had the opportunity to experience firsthand what a powerful tool of transformation his therapeutic approach can be. But it wasn’t until I was sitting with a local group of astrologers and students in a social setting that I realized that this approach was what we were missing in our astrological education and practice. The bits of conversation I heard were variations of how the person couldn’t wait for a difficult transit to be over or that a long transit was creating havoc in their life. Based upon what I have learned, it seems that if we truly want to empower ourselves and others, we cannot use astrology to rationalize our inability to handle difficult or challenging circumstances, but instead to utilize astrology as a powerful therapeutic tool for growth and healing. I now see what we call difficult transits or natal placements as opportunities or signposts for where to venture more deeply. This not only reframes and refocuses the way in which I see astrology but, more importantly, the way in which I see the person sitting in front of me and how to best serve them. Astrology doesn’t give us the answers, it tells us where we can find the answers. And that is where true healing and transformation begins. -L. Parrish

You are a gift of a person and it was incredible speaking/connecting with you. This year the “hand of god” has come back into my life. The one that had gone limp for a time…. Signs and serendipity are popping up all over the place and the more I say yes, the stronger they are getting. BAM! I know you’ll know what I am talking about when I say we were destined to meet. I think you’ll be a huge help with this next chapter of my life which I feel sure is going to be a revolutionary one. Though I learn from all the signs, Pisces and Cancers are my best teachers. I’ll be in touch and until then – keep doing the amazing work you’re doing and get started on your next book:) The world needs your particular insights. Warm regards, Shannon