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What is Evolutionary Astrology?


Evolutionary Astrology is a style of astrology. The variation of the work I practice and teach is the style taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green in the original Pluto School. Green’s concept of Evolutionary Astrology (EA) is informed by this idea from Hindu mystic Swami Sri Yukteswar:

“A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma. His horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future result.”

-from Pluto: the Evolutionary Journey of the Soul – Jeffrey Wolf Green

In EA, the "unalterable past" includes the deepest intention of the Soul (Pluto) and the variety of prior life egos manifested by the Soul (South Node of the Moon) in order to express this intention.

From an analysis of this nature the very core desires of the individual can be approached immediately within a chart reading, allowing for an intense understanding of the premises of an individual life. With the understanding of the prior life circumstances and causes of the present life, a new perspective can be brought to traditional Astrological understanding that vastly increases its scope and efficacy. In this way, an individual examining their chart can gain a unique understanding of the unfolding self, in a way that bypasses ‘cookbook’ understanding of Astrology, in which a planet in a given sign always means the same thing. Within this approach the aspect and position of every planet can be interpreted within the context of the ongoing evolution of the Soul from life to life.

Within this evolution of ideology, Green identified two primary types of desire emanating from the Soul:

  • Separating desires in which the Soul desires new relationships, knowledge, and experience in order to experience itself as a unique and distinct entity.
  • The desire to return to the source of creation – a desire that increases every time one meets a separating desire that one had made into the ’be all and end all’ of one’s life, only to discover when one achieves that desire that the sense of dissatisfaction on a deeper level returns.

From within the competing nature of desires stem two primary methods of evolution:

  • That of slow, steady evolutionary growth as the individual embraces the nature of the intentions from the Soul.
  • Cataclysmic growth cycles whereby relative to resistance on the part of the individual their world to some level falls apart, in order to clear the way for future growth.

So if we have become too attached to one way of experiencing life we are forced into a new experience of life’s rich pageant. From this perspective, seemingly bad and even tragic events can be understood as part of the unfolding of the Soul as it strives to embrace every aspect of life. In this way the 12 archetypes of the Zodiac can be seen to represent the totality of consciousness on earth. Astrology can correlate to every known experience, thought or desire, without at any point being seen as causal to the life – so whilst Evolutionary Astrology acknowledges the role of ’fated’ circumstance it also encourages the development of the spiritual will within the context of an enlightened understanding of what is possible within a human life.

So the revelation of EA is that people are not bound by Astrology. Instead the natal chart is simply a reflection of what has occurred for the individual up to this point, and therefore what potentialities might manifest beyond this point. As such, an accurate understanding of the natal chart can be an incredibly empowering tool for people who embrace the overall purpose of their lives – and an answer to the famous ’why?’ of existence.

For those who are interested in understanding their life on a fundamental level, Evolutionary Astrology represents an invaluable aid. The natal chart gives a clear overall direction of the Soul’s intended evolution (the point directly opposite Pluto, the polarity point) and the nature of the personal journey up until that point (the north Node of the Moon). The movement of the chart through solar arcs, progressions, transits and return charts demonstrates the potential for this evolution through time, and through the various stages of life.

Relationship Charts

In EA, the potential of synastry charts and the composite chart allows this same perspective to be brought to our personal relationships, offering clear insight into

  • why two people have met
  • what they intend through the relationship
  • how best to approach these aims

EA is a clearly revolutionary tool within the often subtle and confusing world of human interaction. And whilst EA cannot process all the difficult emotions in life for you, it can certainly offer perspective and insight as to how and why we are going through them!

Getting Real

In this way life can be increasingly perceived as reality – permeated throughout with divinity, purpose and love. The wisdom afforded us through this ever-increasing understanding of the underlying inspiration behind events, relationships, and our very thoughts and desires, allows for a foundation to be built in our lives that reaches beyond the mere appearance of the circumstantial reality of those lives.

We are able to increasingly directly experience the Soul, or the core individuality within, as it expresses itself, ever present, within the Soul of the World.

At its best then, Evolutionary Astrology encourages ever deeper insight and wisdom into the nature of life on this sacred earth. Taking its principles from the natural laws of creation, Evolutionary Astrology is able to return the archetypes and insights of Astrology to a fuller meaning that can move beyond the restrictions of conditioning: whether that comes from family, nationality or man-made religious and societal law. I feel personally that Evolutionary Astrology aids us in an understanding of the great teachers of humanity, epitomized by the Buddha and the Christ, free from some of the trappings that have built up around their lives and works.

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