Counseling Skills for Astrologers Course

About This Course This program explores the required therapeutic insight and counseling skills for an astrologer of any technical persuasion to become more effective in communicating with clients. Includes 12 lessons. Each lesson includes one audio download and one pdf. Required textbook: The Soul Speaks. Praise for the Counseling Skills Course “The Counseling Skills for

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The Destiny Line with Mark Jones

Latest Releases

Understanding Destiny with the Lunar Nodes Online Course Mark’s latest online course takes a deep dive into the “destiny line” – the axis of the lunar nodes in the birth chart. You’ll learn Mark’s latest innovations working with the nodes, including his view of the nodes as a point of balance, rather than a simple

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Thank You – Establishing Relationship

Thanks for attending Establishing Relationship. We hope you enjoyed the webinar. If you missed Mark’s previous webinar, you can download it here. If you’re interested in Mark’s Evolutionary Astrology Intro course, you can sign up here. For more recorded lectures by Mark, visit the Pluto School store. Watch your email for an announcement about the

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Evolutionary Astrology Podcasts

 Therapeutic Use Of Astrology With Mark Jones – Deep Journeys Podcast – Astrology & so much more   Deep Journeys Podcast – Astrology & so much more · Therapeutic Use Of Astrology With Mark Jones Planetary Nodes – A discussion with Adam Sommer   When Astrology Does More Harm Than Good Astrology and Ethics Adam

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