The Destiny Line (audio)

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Mark presents his newest work on the nodes of the Moon as the "destiny line" - the key to understanding our personal evolution.

This new teaching on the Nodal Axis of the Moon emerged from Mark's study of Dane Rudhyar in conjunction with his counseling work as a prominent therapist, teacher and practitioner of transformational astrology.

This online course explores a vision of the natal chart as a doorway to understanding our deepest life purpose. It provides a philosophical ground for understanding astrology as a tool in service of Soul as well exploring a therapeutic emphasis on personal transformation.

Mark presents several case studies and specific applications of the technique, including special-case placements such as:

  • The ruler of the South Node also conjunct the South Node
  • Pluto conjunct, squaring or opposing the nodes
  • How the North and South Nodes can work together

Detailed example charts from Mark's extensive client practice will be shared as well as illustrative historical examples.

Discover why many clients and students of astrology have found a deeper experience of their path in life using this profound technique.

9 hrs. 48 min. | audio files plus pdf slideshow

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