Counseling Tools for Therapeutic Astrologers - Audio Series

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In this 3-part series, Mark Jones introduces listeners to the major concepts presented in his handbook for counseling astrologers: The Soul Speaks.

Part 1: The Presenting Issue
In this lecture you will learn how to set the space for a transformational astrology reading and create rapport with a client through helping the client articulate what they are really looking for from a reading. Mark includes analysis of major chart dynamics to help you orientate to the client's needs.

Part 2: Establishing Relationship - How To Work With A Client
Apply the wisdom of psychotherapy to the astrology reading. Learn how to identify key client dynamics that can help (or hinder) your client's engagement with the astrology reading. Learn about:

  • Projection
  • Transference
  • Counter-Transference

Part 3: The Importance of the Vessel - The Alchemy of Relationship
In this lecture we reflect on the importance of the boundaries that make up the healing relationship. We consider the necessary factors that contribute to a successful outcome as well as practical models of how an astrologer might offer short-term follow up work after a reading to maximize the potential for transformation within their clients.

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Instant audio download | 5 hrs. 22 min. | includes handouts

Note: This is the audio-only version. Also available in the original 3-part webinar (video) format.

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