The Reality Principle – How to Overcome the Fear of Saturn


In this webinar, Mark will offer a clear vision of Saturn’s meaning that will help process and allay any fears you might have about this legendary original malefic. Capricorn will be explored as the culmination of the cardinal cross and the Earth triad.

From this perspective, the essence of Capricorn’s ruler Saturn represents the psychological achievement of maturation that displays a flexible response to the reality of the world around us. Without this Saturn function, we would be much more vulnerable to neurosis and anxiety about the vicissitudes of fate than if we had not grappled meaningfully with the more challenging aspects of reality.

Mark will introduce simple concepts from psychology in order to position some key components of maturation. Unlike the inevitable process of biological aging, maturation is a victory of development, not a guarantee. The full human experience of personal growth is something you must make for yourself, not just something that happens. Saturn represents this process at its most dynamic.

When you understand Saturn’s role in this way, you can begin to see both natal and transiting Saturn as the gift that it really is: the meaningful limitation and acceptance of reality that can lead the psyche to a mature vision of its own potential.

Includes examples from Mark’s client work in addition to historical figures, such as Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to gain a medical degree in the USA.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Pre-recorded for instant access

1 hr 41 mins

$35 | includes streaming access and transcript

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