Book: The Planetary Nodes and Collective Evolution


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Trade Paperback | 316 pgs. | 2020
ISBN 978-1732650428

In this groundbreaking exposition into the nature and impact of the planetary nodes, astrologer and therapist Mark Jones presents a thought-provoking investigation that builds a compelling case for the importance of these seldom studied but seemingly potent points. Drawing upon original research including twenty years of observation and study, Jones surveys key moments in recent Western history to illuminate the potential meaning and significance of the planetary nodes from Jupiter to Pluto. He suggests that the planetary nodes can be understood as moments of condensed meaning that contain the essence of the entire planetary cycle.

As gateways into the collective unconscious, the planetary nodes reflect the evolution of the planetary archetypes themselves over time, revealing the deep undercurrents that inform and shape our collective experience. In this detailed text compiling the first truly complete thesis on the power of planetary nodes, defining moments in collective Western history are explored through the charts of events and the lives of those individuals who acted as catalysts of collective evolution.

This beautifully written landmark study elevates what was once a mysterious addition to the astrological tool box of all but a few. Jones makes a passionate call to the community for further research, giving weight to the statement of eminent astrologer Carl Payne-Tobey, who taught that “the planetary nodes are more important than the planets themselves.”

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