Planetary Nodes

Planetary Nodes Ephemeris download the ephemeris Introduction to the Planetary Nodes download audio | download video 2020 Planetary Nodes of Saturn and Pluto download webinar

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Blending Astrology and Psychosynthesis

Astrology and Soul Psychology – a workshop on blending astrology and the principles of psychological counseling. Learn more. Psychosynthesis: A brief overview of its key principles. The following documents are available in pdf format via the links below. Key Principles of Psychosynthesis Astrology and Transpersonal Therapy: Hand in Hand, Together: An exploration of the natural

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Evolutionary Astrology Fundamentals

The following articles are available in pdf format via the links below. The Natural Zodiac: An exploration of the evolutionary roles and themes embedded in each of the twelve signs and houses. TheNaturalZodiac The 8 Gates: Evolutionary Astrology teaches that the phasal relationships between astrological bodies are themselves archetypes – symbols that can deepen our

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