A Vision For a Spiritual Astrology

I wanted to share with you a brief vision for a spiritual astrology, one that is grounded in a rich understanding of the human predicament, and a great way for understanding this is through Roberto Assagioli’s psychology, that he named, psychosynthesis. 

In an age where you could argue that certain materialistic hypotheses have gotten out of hand, an age of technological advancement and wonder in the intellect and philosophical or scientific materialism, Roberto Assagioli had a value and meaning based vision of psychology right from the start, because Assagioli had a spiritual vision of psychology.

In the modern psychological sense, psychosynthesis is the first explicitly spiritual psychology. Assagioli is often lumped together with Maslow because lots of introductory psychology books don’t know what to do with him. They lump him in with Maslow because Maslow effectively created a vision of transcendence through his hierarchy of needs, of self-actualizing principles as the early security, belonging and safety needs, essentially a vision that works from the bottom up.

Other than sharing a focus on spiritual meaning, they couldn’t be more opposite in a sense. Assagioli’s vision is a complete top-down vision. Assagioli’s vision effectively assumes spiritual truth, spiritual light, spiritual meaning, and purpose right from the beginning.

And he is a complete pioneer in this regard, his vision being a forerunner in the world on that level. And that is also a potential criticism of psychosynthesis in that you could argue, and I will at several points, that the spirit part or the spiritual part of his spiritual psychology takes over the psychological part. In many ways, as an early mentor of mine, in a recent conversation put it, psychosynthesis is a spiritology. It is not even really a psychology. It is so much at the spiritual end of spiritual psychology that it is in fact a “spiritual” rather than a “psychology” at all.

So, in a sense, although we can see that Assagioli conveniently gets grouped with Maslow because psychology doesn’t know what to do with people that have explicitly spiritual visions, actually Maslow created his vision through a process of investigation in the meeting of other types of needs, and Assagioli’s is pre-formed. It exists on a vision level before he does anything with the psychology part.

Very early on in his career, he was critical of Freud’s vision for not including higher domains. This is actually a crucial distinction; his fully formed preexisting vision included the idea of the term Psychosynthesis very early on, as early as 1911.

Psychosynthesis is a method of psychological development and self-realization for those who refuse to remain the slave of their own inner phantasms or of external influences, who refuse to submit passively to the play of psychological forces which is going on within them, and who are determined to become the master of their own lives‘. Roberto Assagioli

Psychosynthesis is a method of psychological development and self-realization. And I think that’s the key here really. Psychosynthesis is not a psychology, in the sense that Freud created a psychology or even Jung; there are no detailed case notes in Assagioli’s writings. There are no extended analyses of early developmental formation or personality dynamics.

His writings address the idea, and the ideal, of self-realization from the beginning and he continues along this path, suggesting it is for people who want to overcome the inner phantasms of external conditioning influences or of the play of psychological forces which turn their life into a hallucinatory puppet show. His path is one of mastery. It’s an attempt to ask you, can you free yourself from unconscious psychic motivations, external conditioning, the way you’ve been shaped by your own memories, your imaginative reactions to things, your thoughts or emotions? How do these things limit you?

How close could they take you to the inner flame of spiritual truth? And he’s explicit. Psychosynthesis exists for those who are determined to become the master of their own lives. And he doesn’t mean this in same way that books on business coaching might encourage us by suggesting we shadow box in the mirror every morning whilst positively affirming to ourselves that today I will command the boardroom.

My training program begins in September 2024:

A profound five module training in the theory, application and practice of Psychosynthesis for those in healing professions such as astrologers, body workers, energy workers etc. This coaching training creates a flexible model for how to coach, mentor and guide others. 

Each Module is priced individually at $1800 and there are 5 modules in total.

With purchase of Module 1 and 3 you will receive the recorded content within 48 hours of payment.


55 hours of high-quality video presentations of live classes given by Mark Jones. Major sections focus upon the foundations of western thought leading to Freud, and subsequent depth explorations of Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow & Carl Rogers.

Jung: The evolution of his work, the discovery of the collective unconscious, anima and animus, shadow, principle of individuation, spirit of the depths vs spirit of the time.

Maslow: the foundational principles of humanistic psychology, Carl Rogers: the foundation of the person centered approach. Contribution of Melanie Klein and the depressive position.

The next focus contains an extended introduction to Psychosynthesis itself including the assimilation of materials gleaned from multiple research visits to the archive of Roberto Assagioli in Florence. We consider how he formed a vision of a psychology that was explicitly spiritual from the very beginning of his thought process; an exploration of his famous map of consciousness, the Egg Diagram and of its key insight representing the human energy field. The I – Self axis reveals Assagioli’s profound vision of personal growth. Finally, an extended section covers the nature of the therapeutic relationship using Psychosynthesis and its energetic model of the human soul as the basis for understanding. We explore the nature of the Knowing Field that exists between coach and client and the emotional dynamic that underpins that in Emotional Field Theory and then the making of the self that can emerge from the relationship.


Ongoing small group mentoring with Keith Hackwood. These groups are intended to provide the individual with opportunities to express their questions and growing understanding of Psychosynthesis, using the dynamics of personal growth directly as well as being an active witness in the process of others. The interaction with and support of the group becomes a crucial component in learning to be a skillful, effective coach. 


This Module starts with a live weekend titled Psychosynthesis in Time followed by 40 hours of highly curated video content pre-recorded with a dynamic visual balance between Mark as a speaker and the illustrated content.

Next in the sequence is the 12 part Principles of Healing: Establishing connection, CSI Healer, True Witnessing, Spiritual Emergence, Goals and Creativity, Crisis and Morals, Resistance, The Angel vs Resistance, The Song of Myself, In Search of Soul, The Paths, The Vale of Soul Making Parts 1 & 2, The Mammalian Loyalty Project, Child Rescue Dynamics, The Magnetism of the Family, Trauma as Loyalty, Working with Resistance, The Sea Wall, Stages of Change.

The True and False Self is then presented in 5 major sections; Spiritual Experience and Conscience, and The Idea of a Path Parts 1-3. 

In Module 3 we also come together as a full group in live Q&A – the process that will become the mainstay of the course in module 5.


Ongoing small group supervision and mentoring with Keith Hackwood. These groups give the individual a chance to express their questions and dynamics of personal growth directly as well as being an active witness in the process of others. The interaction with and support of the group becomes a crucial component of learning to be a coach. 

MODULE 5 Group Process – here there are a series of opportunities to operate in a group setting with both Mark and Keith. We will use a combination of pre-selected texts prepared for you in order to encourage dialogue and open Q&A. When the course ends you will have the option to include a certification process.

If you have questions about my Psychosynthesis Coaching Training course then please contact me directly – [email protected]

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