Astrology and Life Purpose

The following is trasncript from the Astrology University Podcast with Mark Jones & Darby Costello on the topic of Astrology and Life Purpose. You can listen to the podcast here. Tony Howard: Tony Howard here with Astrology University and we’re here with another episode of the Astrology University podcast. Thanks for joining us. And today we have Mark Jones …

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How Can Astrology Help People?

The following is a brief excerpt from an interview I did with Adam Sommer – followed by some current reflections. AS: I love that idea. I’ve thought a lot about how astrology helps us to evolve as human beings, and what comes to mind right now is its ability to contextualize a person’s life experiences. Astrology …

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The Planetary Nodes Part 3

This interview was conducted by Adam Sommer for his podcast Jan 18, 2021 – you can listen to the podcast here An Interview with Mark Jones “The Planetary Nodes, Pt. 3” by Adam Sommer Adam Sommer:  This is Holes to Heavens, a show dedicated to cosmos, to mythos, and to psyche. Mark, how are you? …

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Power of Astrology

Once again, I wish to touch on the power of astrology, held within a compassionate therapeutic space, to speak of the divine self, lodged deep within the being of both self (the astrologer) and other (the individual coming for a reading). Martin Buber speaks powerfully in I and Thou about the powerful YES that the …

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What is Psychosynthesis?

In this podcast with Adam Sommer, Mark talks about psychosynthesis.

Planetary Nodes

Planetary Nodes Ephemeris download the ephemeris Introduction to the Planetary Nodes download audio | download video 2020 Planetary Nodes of Saturn and Pluto download webinar

The Gold Standard

“The philosopher of mind Phillip Goff points out with particular verve that since Galileo, the physical sciences have proceeded by putting aside the ontological question (the is question) and focussing only on the behaviour or structure question: ‘All the properties physics ascribes to fundamental particles are characterized in terms of behavioural dispositions. Physics tells us nothing …

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A Depth Exploration of Virgo & Pluto in Virgo

Mark recently joined the Magic of the Spheres Podcast with Sabrina Monarch. In this episode Sabrina and Mark discuss Pluto and Virgo and Pluto in Virgo specifically, but this episode is full of universals, regardless of what we have in Virgo in our charts – we all have the experience of self-analysis, self-criticism, perfectionism, and learning how to relate …

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